Life doesn’t stop while you are away.

My job is to navigate the life of your property as you focus on other areas of your life!

I travel the world with the mission of teaching others how to upgrade their lifestyle by moving abroad. As I investigate different countries and cultures, house sitting enables me to have time to learn about the best of local living around the world. As a digital nomad and director of London Real [Entrepreneurial] Academy, I stay close to home base which allows massive cuddle and care time with animals and round the clock security for the home.

I have house and pet sat for clients who have gone away anywhere from a few days to more than a few weeks.

As an emptinested single mother, I like a clean, efficient, organized home. My experience offers exceptional organizational skills where I am able to keep up with the rigors of your household management, tracking service appointments, supervising staff, daily errands and related tasks. Secure and responsible, I take the trust of my clients as seriously as I do my staff of teachers and my class of students. I am social, love animals/living things, have hustle and consistently create solutions.

When are you leaving?



Owner, Janet Abbott

Home Management for 3br home, pool garden, and supervised staff.

8 cats,1 pitbull 2 large street dogs

Alamos, Mexico

Lisa May put me at ease after I got to Canada to celebrate my sister’s birthday. With our first check in Skype call, she confirmed that the feeding system for my 3 dogs and 8 cats had gone smoothly, she had a smooth ride back with my car after dropping me off at the bus station. She worked fervently on my pool regularly and didn’t hesitate to call with questions about pool care. It was a pleasant surprise to come home to my happy animals and a pool ready for dipping. She caringly took my mounting book donations to the bookstore and dispensed medication to my animals daily.

The best part of her stay was the time she gave me to recover from my trip. She picked me up and drove me home. When we got home, my house was clean, my pool was a clear blue and the animals were lounging. My home was running like a well-oiled machine. As I lay down to nap for what I thought would be 30 minutes, my nap went on for a few hours. Lisa May handled all of the feeding tasks very quietly so as not to wake me. She then had a pork chop dinner waiting for me once I woke up.

As a professional dog groomer with high expectations on animal care, I would highly recommend Lisa May as a caring companion.

Owner, Mary Middlebrook:

Owner, Mary Middlebrook:
AirBnB Management for 3br House & 3Br Loft

1 Cat

Fashion Dist. Los Angeles, Calif.

I hired Lisa as a house sitter when I went to Panama for 10 days. Her job was a big one- to take care of my cat and my FIVE Airbnb rooms in two different locations!! I'm a well-seasoned and very busy Airbnb host...Guests come in and out daily, so it is a lot of work to clean, keep track of schedules, get people checked in, and make the guests feel welcome and comfortable. All of my guests had GREAT things to say about Lisa! She just has a great energy to her, and she's smart as a whip. Able to think quickly and handle situations without needing my advice on every little thing. That was much appreciated while I was away! Lisa is the first person I will contact when I leave town to house/property sit for me. I trust her 100%, and that says a lot.

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