Live consultation with Lisa May via Skype & Zoom video!

Live consultation with Lisa May via Skype & Zoom video!

One on One Guidance

Have your plan made for you.

You've watched all of the videos, read all of the books but you are looking for specific information and a customized plan.

Are you wondering where to start or what information to believe online? No worries, Lisa May experienced the same when she left the States 3 years ago. You just need a solid plan to guide you from your life in your home country to your new life in your new country. You'll see your life from a larger perspective as you begin to organize your thoughts, your things and your future movements. Lisa May will show you how to conduct your move with detailed logistics that she, herself, has utilized and introduce you to her personal network of connections to communities around the world!


Lisa May uses house sitting as she travels interviewing expats around the world. She needs a comfortable quiet place to create her content in exchange for keeping your home secure and your pets loved.  Reach out here to connect and explore the possibilities of having Lisa May keep your home happy and welcoming you back when you get home!