Pitching Oprah Winfrey

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After completing the London Real Business Accelerator Program, I became hungry to initiate a major change in our current society. After reading the widespread reports of disparaging behavior by high-profile people, I decided to create a docu-style reality TV series centered on changing the learned culture of social offenders. We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It also takes the same village to change our current culture of alienating consumerism into a sane society that nurtures the human need. Six years ago, Oprah Winfrey made a conscious choice to change the mission of her programming, injecting this message, “Live your best life.” This mission soon developed into OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, where you can find a string of docu-series TV shows featuring people managing their struggles one step at a time in order to achieve their best lives.

Oprah has made a name for various go-to specialists like, Dr. Phil and finance guru, Suze Orman. The OWN network is currently set up as a resource of information for those in search of ideas to improve their lives. Each of OWN’s docu-series includes one person in need, one specialist, one environment, and one perspective. This common self-help TV formula can make it easy for the viewer not to apply helpful ideas from the show to their lives because they may not share similarities in the linear situation featured on the show. Without a source of tension, like a fight or major medical incident, the show then becomes a source of well-intentioned entertainment. In this TV series proposal, I’ve taken the self-help docu-series up a notch by utilizing the tension of taking and keeping the social offender out of their comfort zone to achieve a cultural goal.

The London Real Business Accelerator Program utilized 4 experts in their fields, Brian Rose, Chris Albert, Friedrich Fritz Eierdanz, and Julian Bailes, to present us with high level focused information yielding positive and measurable results over several social media platforms. The 8-week program presented us with real world entrepreneurial challenges on-demand to be carried out in different environments and presented to each expert within their perspective. The stimuli generated from this toughmudder-for-the-mind program forced us to use both the creative and logical areas of our brains. We were continually kept out of our comfort zones, forced to absorb the information with impact. At the end of the program, we were metaphorically turned out on the street to go back to our comfort zones if we wanted. However, the program turned us into the exact opposite of zombies. We are now, even a month later, fully present, uniquely attuned to the physical and social environment, with a raging motivation to efficiently solve issues and assemble a better method of being. We shifted from being all that we have to being all that we are.

Using the London Real Business Accelerator structure as an example, I have submitted a docu-series treatment [proposal] through the OWN submission portal that will take Oprah’s TV production mission one giant step further; changing the minds and behaviors of high profile social offenders who influence the world. The series uses a therapy/coaching dream team to instruct the social offender in harnessing themselves and community awareness by encouraging  them to complete real world challenges in different environments that will address their own forgotten emotional needs. In addition, the dream team will reveal the power of the human brain in how it heals the body and master behavioral changes while opening the heart.

My chosen Culture Coaching Dream Team for the 1st season is Fix My Life host, Iyana Vanzant, personal coach on finding clarity, Phillp McKernan, sex therapist icon, Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer, “snap out of it” phycologist icon, Dr. Phil [McGraw], and entrepreneurial realist and Shark investor, Mark Cuban. Together, this Dream Team has the moxi and cult following to create the village necessary to transform a high profile social offender from a narrowed minded self-serving individual to having global perspective, being socially aware and caring of others, but more importantly, healing themselves. Each specialist will address the social offender with custom ideas reframing the offender’s mindset and creating a notable impact of cultural change.

The magical part about the London Real Business Accelerator structure and my proposed docu-series is that the culture change doesn’t stop with the social offender. The culture change becomes infectious to those watching and listening as they are stimulated by the tension with changes in coaching styles, specialties and environments. It takes a village to re-design this culture into one that fills our human needs. Oprah, let’s start with my show.