He Was Pretty, Fearless and the Sole Designer of His Life Map.

He walked the walk and talked the talk. 

He walked the walk and talked the talk. 

He was the epitome of fearlessness, passion and humanity. He held big dreams at a young age and became the worlds most famous boxer of all time; he walked the walk and talked the talk. Muhammad Ali was born in a world where he, his family and the African American [Black] community were told by their own country that they were naturally ugly, weak, stupid and subservient. In making the decision to move abroad, my closest circle of family and friends told me that I was not properly educated, I would risk attack as a pretty single American traveler, I wouldn't make it without knowing the language and more of the same. As negative as that sounds, Ali dealt with worse.

He would've been arrested or killed just for drinking from the water fountains marked, "White". Although Muhammad Ali believed in civil rights, he did not take a traditional role in the fight for civil rights. Ali just never subscribed to the rules of bigotry. He decided that he was a man of value and continuously designed his life around what he loved to do and how he perceived himself. He was the Greatest. Period. Social judgement was not accepted in his mind. In redesigning my life as an Expat, I had far less barriers to overcome than Clay did in redesigning his life as Ali. 

He was screaming into the camera, “I’m Pretty! I'm a baaad man!”

He was screaming into the camera, “I’m Pretty! I'm a baaad man!”

I remember watching him on tv once in an old clip when I was 5 years old. He was screaming into the camera, “I’m Pretty~” over and over again, "I'm pretty like a girl! Imma baaad man!". I was nervous for him. I really thought that something bad would happen to him because he publicly admitted that he was black, attractive and boxing's "savior". We have that fear of the absolute in all of us, "What will they do if I [insert amazing thing to do for yourself here]." However, if you go through that fear you will find relief in knowledge on the other side. 

Alas, Muhammad Ali said all of those things repeatedly and yet led a full and prosperous life. He hit a few bumps in the road but that never stopped him from living exactly the life that he designed for himself. He fought around the world when U.S. promoters wouldn’t promote him. He found ways of earning money using his talent of public speaking when the U.S. revoked his license to fight. He never stopped living his designed lifestyle and most likely achieved more than he’d imagined. 

This spirit of Ali is in all of us who dream of a different, more fulfilling life. We only need to harness it to explore our happiness.

These days U.S. salaries are at an all time low and the cost of living is rising at a massive rate. Are you rushing home from work everyday just to get a good night's rest for work early the next day? Many are downsizing to micro apartments or moving over 2 hours outside of the major areas and using mass transit to survive. What if you could take all of that budgeting and ingenuity and find a way to *upsize* your quality of life? You'd be no different than a boy named Cassius Clay who redesigned his life into Muhammad Ali. 


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